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Many Netgear extender users face this one common problem, with the extender login. The error they get is “can’t access mywifiext.local”, which means their device can’t open the mywifiext.local. There are many reasons behind, the mywifiext.local not working issue. To fix this issue, you’ve to figure out the root cause & work accordingly.

If the mywifiext.local doesn’t work on your device, or you’re unable to open the www.mywifiext.local on your internet browser. The first thing you should be doing is restart your extender. See this is quite a generic fix, it fixes almost every electronic or technical device which causes any problem. So, before you get into anything at least give this method a try.

If restarting your extender didn’t help, and you still can’t access mywifiext.local on your browser. Then you should get in touch with our support team for help. Or else, you can always reach our website & fetch the content you need to help yourself with the respective problem.

You can also reset your extender if you don’t want to go through the learning process of how to fix the www.mywifiext.local does not work issue. Doing that will erase all your old configuration data & it will put your extender in default settings, from where you can set it up from scratch.

Unable to access www.mywifiext.local

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